OneDrive for Business – Version History

Understanding the OneDrive version history feature can prevent uncertainty around data loss when working on files, or avoid spending unnecessary amounts of time trying to undo or fix formatting and content issues. Often a simple few clicks can restore the file to a previous version/point in time which will result in the same or betterContinue reading “OneDrive for Business – Version History”

Troubleshooting Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – Windows

It can be tricky to obtain information about the status of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint clients if they are not behaving as expected. The ‘Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Client Analyzer’ (MDECA) tool addresses this issue by providing a quick to run, and easy to read report in HTML format, alongside a compilation of relevant eventContinue reading “Troubleshooting Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – Windows”

Insider Risk Management

What is Insider Risk Management? Insider Risk Management is a compliance feature within Microsoft Purview designed to minimise and audit the risk of internal, potentially malicious, risky behaviour such as an employee who is leaving the organisation copying corporate data to public or personal locations. The intent itself may not be malicious, it may justContinue reading “Insider Risk Management”

AAD MFA – Number Matching

What is it? Number matching with MFA is a feature in Azure AD which is currently in public preview that provides enhanced MFA push notifications with an aim of ensuring focused validation of an MFA challenge. Since MFA has become a familiar process for users, there can be instances where complacency may lead to unintendedContinue reading “AAD MFA – Number Matching”

OneDrive Document Scanning

What is it? The OneDrive mobile app can be used to scan documents, whiteboards, business cards and photos. Features include intelligent capture, for example when you select to scan a business card or document, it is specifically looking for an area within the frame that is likely rectangular in shape, and additional editing options. ComparedContinue reading “OneDrive Document Scanning”

Azure AD Conditional Access Policy Templates

The configuration options available in Azure Active Directory Conditional Access Policies have grown rapidly over the last few years, and not implementing them at this point would not only be a waste of available features, but more importantly not provide optimal security configuration for cloud resources. Over the last few years of implementing these policiesContinue reading “Azure AD Conditional Access Policy Templates”

Defender for Endpoint

What is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint? Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an endpoint security service that offers advanced protection, both proactively and reactively based on a combination of known threats and vulnerabilities, endpoint behavioural analysis and cloud security analytics. Threats can be remediated automatically or manually depending on both the automation level configuration and theContinue reading “Defender for Endpoint”

BitLocker Startup PIN for Surface (and other tablet) devices via Intune prerequisite

For additional protection, some organisations wish to make use of the additional startup PIN with BitLocker encryption feature which effectively enforces a PIN before presenting the Windows logon screen. As part of the NCSC security guidance for end user Windows desktop OS devices, their recommendations for BitLocker on Windows 10 devices include enabling the startupContinue reading “BitLocker Startup PIN for Surface (and other tablet) devices via Intune prerequisite”

M365 Attack Simulation Training

What is Attack Simulation Training? Attack Simulation Training is a feature within Microsoft 365 that allows you to manage simulations and send them to users within the organisation to validate users awareness and behaviour when receiving what could potentially be harmful content and jeopardise the security posture of the organisation. For example, test phishing emailsContinue reading “M365 Attack Simulation Training”

Obtaining Autopilot Diagnostics

In this post I’ll be detailing how to use the Get-AutopilotDiagnostics PowerShell script to obtain further information on the status of Autopilot during the provisioning process. This will help to troubleshoot failures and identify the potential source of the failure e.g. repeated failure of a particular application install. I havent created this script, all creditContinue reading “Obtaining Autopilot Diagnostics”